Monday, June 11, 2012

And so it has begun.

3 days into the actual program now!!
First impressions of the diet, "Hmmm that looks nice!"
First impressions of the shopping list, "ooohh that looks expensive"
First impressions of the exercise, "Ahhh thats gonna be a cinch!"

Diet - Some tastes amazing, some I'm not a huge fan of....and I'm finding it hard to keep up with all the courses but i'm doing my best.  Looking forward to Spag Bol tonight!!!! yummy.

Shopping List - First shopping trip for only half the week cost $140 :O that hurt my savings account but I figure a lot of the things will keep over a long period of time. Hopefully! Apparently it should get cheaper as we go on but we shall see!!

Exercise - I'm finding it good! It gets me sweating but I'm committing.  The Super Saturday Session looked so easy, 5 mins into it I was sweating and so tired. Possibly cos I was trying to whip through the exercises like BAM BAM BAM. Man, it was tough. But the rest of the week is good! It's structure and I work so much better with structure!!!

Super dooper excited about this program now!! And that's only 1 week down :D

Hows everyone else doing??

See you another time chums,
Han xx

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

As sick as a sick dog.

Well I'm miserable!
I'm sick.
I'm complaining about being miserable because I'm sick.

It's day one of my flu which usually means sore throat and being in denial that I'm getting sick. Tomorrow I'm lucky enough to be looking forward to rivers of gushing snot. (Too graphic? Sorry.... I'm descriptive when I'm miserable and sick...)

In about 5 days I should be better!! Fingers crossed for sooner!

The most annoying part of this? The fitness test!! Yesterday, when I was not miserable or sick, I did all of the fitness test apart from the run! That was today's job! But I couldn't run because I couldn't even walk without coughing and not breathing! Is that an excuse? Damn....

Anyway.. I need to sleep. I'm miserable and sick. What do I do for exercise when I'm sick? I feel lazy......

Wish me lucky dahlings!

Han xx

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dark chocolate? Nahh......

Time to makeover my kitchen!!  Saw the shopping list that Michelle provided for us and instantly my mind went "but what do I snack on??" So that will be difficult! Also....anchovies? Arggh! Hopefully I can replace them with something :P

It's times like these that I realise just how picky I am when it comes to food..  This is one of my biggest downfalls, and one that I may need to get over to some extent. There are some things that I may not be able to get past but I will do my best and swallow some things down! (I'm sure they'll be delish!) 

I hate this picky side of me, but it's something that has been with me my entire life, my parents hate it! For example; I won't eat pumpkin but I LOVE pumpkin soup, I can't eat dark chocolate because I find it too bitter, zucchini = yucky, seafood doesn't sit right with me....etc. See? It's terrible!!! Time to get over it, find a nice low fat sauce that I can douse the veggies in. It''ll work out!!

Wish me luck, and luck to you all!

Han xx 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sweat and Bruises!

Goodness I have such commitment to the written word! I told you I suck at keeping up to date with blogs! But I shall do my best...for you...and only you. (Psst, who are you?)

Pre-season has begun. And I was very wrong about what it meant. It means small challenges but more often! It's interesting though, all these things that I had never thought about when it comes to losing excuses (turns out I made alot...) But it also gives me the chance to right my wrongs. My very very wrongs.

I'm very proud of my self.. I have already lost 2kg and the program hasn't properly started!! :D Big smilies. I believe, that this weight has dropped for one main reason! The water. Rather than coke I've been drinking soooooo much water and it's obviously benefitting me. :D Again big smilies.

The exercise thing is hard but tonight was rather interesting. I have a gym membership that I have been neglecting for a veeeeeeeeeeeery long time (money down the drain...bad.) So I decided to go tonight.

Now, I'm a girly girl. I like to look nice if I'm going out. No matter where it is! So I got dressed in my sporty stuff and put my hair up, very neatly and nicely! (Sad to say, I even put a small amount of makeup on... ) I went to the gym. 10 minutes later after being on the bike, my nice hair was frizzing, my forehead was shiny and my cheeks we very unattractively red! At that point I didn't care though.... I just wanted to breathe!!

I stayed at the gym for about an hour and a half!! (very proud) And I went on many many machines, though could have stayed on some longer than I probably did... I also discovered that I have a fear of running on treadmills (Brings back flashbacks of a bad experience.... think cartoon...) All in all I was very proud and do believe I burned over 500 calories! Big claps for Hannah!!! :D and also big smilies.

I also bruised my ankle knuckle.

Peace out!
Han xx

Sunday, May 6, 2012

And so it Pre-begins?

It begins! As of tomorrow the pre-season begins.... I'm still not quite sure of what that means. Is it still a structured part of the program? Or is it like the warm ups? Does it count towards the 12 weeks? Argh so many questions, which will hopefully be answered tomorrow.

So I discovered that I'm not much of an outside exerciser. I find walks tedious... and have trouble with running due to asthma (I'm such a cripple....) I'm hoping to be able to convert my km's per week to something I can do at home..

Not sure if I've mentioned it, but I own a DVD collection of over 700!! My pride and joy.... the only thing is it keeps me busy. I'm definitely a TV person, however I'm not a couch potato! I like to have the television going with one of my DVD's on while I'm pottering around doing other things. For this reason I'm bringing my elliptical trainer back from my dads house so that I can rack up some km's while still doing the thing I love! Wonder if it counts? Also, I wonder if the weekly challenges go by km's or calories?

Again, many many questions!!!

All will be revealed tomorrow!

Very proud of myself this week. From just eating slightly healthier, cutting out sugary drinks and exercising a little more I have already lost 1.5kgs! I think I could do better though, but from what I've heard that's a fairly healthy weight to lose in a week!

Super dooper excited to officially begin! Or is it not part of it? STOP with the questions Hannah!!!!

Good luck all my pretties! We shall be in to to win it!
Han xx

Friday, May 4, 2012

Skipping, Dancing.....and falling....

Well, ahoy. Or not.
I don't do boats.

So I'm trying out different exercises cos I get bored really easily. "Walk? Ergh..... Nope." I have a list of things I could do...! 
- Walk
- Jog (Pretty much walking...just faster and sweatier. Yuck.)
- Run (See above, only double it.)
- Elliptical Machine (For some reason makes walking more enjoyable!'s cos you can watch a movie at the same time!)
- Dance Central.? 

Has anyone played dance central? It's a damn good work out! (Either that or I'm incredibly unfit.) (Oh wait, I am!!)
It is so much fun, just turn on the Kinect and dance like a psycho (Not by choice...I just can't dance.) There's even a workout mode that counts your calories! Me thinks it's better than walking, but some how I don't think it quite classifies as exercise. Sad face. 

Can it? 

How about skipping? I used to be awesome! (Skipping rope I mean, not the fairy jumps you do down the road...) If I got myself a good skipping rope....and hula hoop?? Omg. I think I've just re-vamped exercise to make it fun. Doesn't count though does it (as much).....sad face.  

Just gotta think, "You want to wear that drop dead gorgeous dress? You want to look SEXY as hell on the beach? Then you know what..? WAAAALK you loser!!!" 

That's right, tough love on myself.... However, I might want to keep it as a voice in my head. Yelling "WAAAALK!" at myself could be seen as frightening.... to myself also! 

Anywho, will try more ideas tomorrow......and will also buy a skipping rope......just in case......

Ta rah for now my dahlings,
Han xx

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Step. Away. From. the Pasta.

Pasta is unhealthy....right?

Can't touch my favourite food! I may cry. Found myself fighting with my sub-self today. Anyone listening to me would have assumed the worst and plonked me straight into an asylum. Just from listening to....
"Noo I can't have pasta....Aww but maybe if it's just a little bit it'll be ok?.....No Hannah, stay strong put the fork away...Hannah put the fork away......Just one bite??.....No Hannah, fork, away, NOW."

Fingers crossed it gets easier!!

But chocolate..... NO! New subject.

So I went out tonight for the Archiball (Architecture Ball) and was undecided about whether to drink or not. I figure alcohol has calories.... I mean, what doesn't! And I didn't want to be that person turning down free drinks after counting calories on my fingers. Asking to look at every alcohol bottle before it goes into my drink. I really must find out what is ok to drink and what isn't... I mean, I'm not a big drinker generally....but hey! Free drinks!! Doesn't happen often! (But just you wait boys, wait til I've lost these kilos and wear my tightest dress....You'll drool. Won't be able to help it.)

Wow, reading back over that the word drink has lost meaning to me....drink, drink, drink, drink. (Not an alco...)

Other than that my exercising has improved. Motivation for it hasn't but it'll get better! I look forward to having actual structure. I work better with structure.

I haven't really kept up a good rhythm with the content in my blogs, eh? Might just see what I feel like writing each day, it's sure to change a lot! But it'll still be full of........Words.

Sleep tight loverrrs,
Han xx