Monday, June 11, 2012

And so it has begun.

3 days into the actual program now!!
First impressions of the diet, "Hmmm that looks nice!"
First impressions of the shopping list, "ooohh that looks expensive"
First impressions of the exercise, "Ahhh thats gonna be a cinch!"

Diet - Some tastes amazing, some I'm not a huge fan of....and I'm finding it hard to keep up with all the courses but i'm doing my best.  Looking forward to Spag Bol tonight!!!! yummy.

Shopping List - First shopping trip for only half the week cost $140 :O that hurt my savings account but I figure a lot of the things will keep over a long period of time. Hopefully! Apparently it should get cheaper as we go on but we shall see!!

Exercise - I'm finding it good! It gets me sweating but I'm committing.  The Super Saturday Session looked so easy, 5 mins into it I was sweating and so tired. Possibly cos I was trying to whip through the exercises like BAM BAM BAM. Man, it was tough. But the rest of the week is good! It's structure and I work so much better with structure!!!

Super dooper excited about this program now!! And that's only 1 week down :D

Hows everyone else doing??

See you another time chums,
Han xx

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